Watch the World’s Best Yo-Yo-er Show Off His Mad Skills


Gentry Stein is an unassuming dude from California—you wouldn’t look twice, really, if you saw him walking down the street. But Stein is actually a professional yo-yo-er, and he’s just been named the world’s best, having taken home top honors in the 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest‘s 1A division.

The first World Yo-Yo Contest was held in 1932—and the yo-yo itself is much older, dating back to 500BCE and ancient Greece—but the event wasn’t held annually until 1992. It draws admirers and aficionados from across the globe, and is administered by the International Yo-Yo Federation (IYYF); this year, the championships were held in Prague. 1A, the division in which Stein excelled, is the name professionals use to describe single-string tricks, the form with which you’re probably most familiar.

As you can see from the video, professionals are thrilling to watch. Watching Stein go through his repertoire may make you…

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This Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Life Inside Pyongyang


To much of the outside world, North Korea is a mystery. Little information about North Koreans’ daily lives makes it out of the country, partially because of its citizens disconnectedness and stringent restrictions on foreign visitors to the country. Westerners are accustomed to a gloomy narrative about the country, and famine, electricity shortages, North Korea’s draconian legal system and scarcity of modern luxuries loom large in outsiders’ imaginations.

But video producers JT Singh and Rob Whitworth show North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang in a cheerier light. In a state-sponsored visit, the pair created extensive footage of the city to create a time-lapse video of its people and sights. The two were escorted everywhere they went and were “not allowed to shoot any construction sites, undeveloped locations or military personnel.”

Their footage is detailed and intimate, but the obvious restrictions the pair had in creating the video make for a revealing and…

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Juggalos Maim Roommate Because He Hadn’t ‘Earned’ Insane Clown Posse Tattoo


America’s sweethearts of horrorcore music, the Insane Clown Posse (ICP), are once again under the media spotlight, after two Maryland fans (or “Juggalos”) were arrested for attempted murder, after they allegedly tried to carve off their roommate’s ICP tattoo because he hadn’t “earned it.”

Victim Zachary Swanson was beaten severely before Paul Martin Hurst and Carey Lee Edwards tried to cut out the offending tattoo from Swanson’s arm, CBS Detroit reports. Dissatisfied with their results, they allegedly then drenched Swanson’s arm with flammable liquid and lit it on fire.

After being rushed to a Baltimore hospital’s burn unit, Swanson had to be amputated below the elbow, CBS reports.

Insane Clown Posse has fallen into controversy before, thanks to extremely violent acts by die-hard fans. In fact, Juggalos were listed as an emerging gang by the FBI in 2011, though some found that classification ridiculous.

In a 2010 interview with…

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On a trip


Went on a trip down memory lane just randomly picking my old blog posts to look at. Its like reading about someone else’s life on the website. I’m very proud. Some of the posts blew me away with remembering what I’ve been through. How far I’ve come. How much I’ve survived. What I’ve lost and gained. I’m a little shocked with how open I’ve been. I’m proud I’m exploring my creative side. I’m proud that I hit rock bottom and clawed my way back. X

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Twins trade Kevin Correia to the Dodgers

HardballTalk’s Rhett Bollinger reports that the Twins have traded starter Kevin Correia to the Dodgers for a player to be named later. Left-hander Tommy Milone has been recalled from Triple-A Rochester to take Correia’s spot in the rotation.

Correia, 33, struggled in 23 starts, accruing a league-leading 13 losses with a 4.94 ERA and a 61/32 K/BB ratio over 129 1/3 innings. The Dodgers, however, just lost Josh Beckett for the season. Though they recently acquired Roberto Hernandez from the Phillies, they are still thin on starting pitching depth. Correia is eligible for free agency after the season, when the two-year, $10 million deal he signed with the Twins in December 2012 expires.

The Twins acquired Milone from the Athletics at the trade deadline in exchange for outfielder Sam Fuld. In his only start with Rochester, Milone allowed a run on six hits and a pair of walks while striking out…

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