The Psychology of My Superpower: Do I Have a Fever?


My Superpower: Do I Have a Fever?

I am quite proud of my sound judgment. I tend to make fair wise judgment calls. Do I make mistakes? Of course, I do and have.  I seek second opinions on my much more advanced statistical analyses, when I can.  I look up words all the time in online dictionaries. I do that more for fun than anything else. Yes, that is how geeky I am.  However, I do not seek second opinions on people. I always go by my gut and I am almost always not wrong.

Within minutes of meeting someone, I tend to get a good read on them.  I just know fairly quickly whether the person is trustworthy, funny or smart.  Sadly, there have been a few that have fooled me.  Those disappointments then loom even larger over my consciousness. They gnaw at me repeatedly as I chastise myself…

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