Second Breakfast: Brush Up Your Shakespeare 12: 800 Words on ‘Forbidden Planet’

Rooster Illusion


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And we’re back. My break from Shakespeare (or Breakspeare, if you will) turned out to be quite short indeed. I’m bouncing back today with something that’s hardly Shakespearean, though.

Forbidden Planet (1956)


The Plot: Brilliant Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) lives on an isolated, nearly lifeless planet with his daughter Altaira (Anne Francis) and his handy-dandy robot Robby. His life of solitude and private research into the achievements of a dead race of aliens are interrupted when a relief expedition arrives from earth, led by the dashing and principled Captain Adams (a young and dour Leslie Nielson). It’s not long, however, before Morbius’ warnings to the crew manifest in the form of a terrible, invisible killer monster. An…

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