One Day!

Color My Palate

Deep within me,
in a special felt basket,
Soft and lovely:
They live

Nynamma’s chicken curry,
Saturday afternoon hikes with Sam,
Riding dads green scooter barely tall enough to see above the handles

Far closer to my heart!
Far away from today!
Soft and lovely they live

The Mumbai Fish fry across from the embassy
The roadside pani puri
and kabobs
Trips to the meat market

Down in a corner of my soul
I placed them.
Oh so long ago
to quickly evolve into
red, white, and blue.

Only sometimes
do I
Pull each out
Hold and see and feel

The silent humming from the cinema right when the hero finally gets the girl
The silent tabla the awakens my soul
The warm roti from that trip to the mountains

Longing to feel
the sugar cane juice
Longing to sit
on her veranda
and be the first
to be…

Lihat pos aslinya 35 kata lagi


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