Of Time & Distance

Becoming Angela

There is an internal battle waging right this moment. My night owl nature doesn’t want to go to bed. It’s not quite 8:30 and still early. Tomorrow is a day off work. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been up since 4:00 this morning; I’m not ready to go to bed. However, my practical nature is reminding me that I need to go for a very long run in the morning. If I want to be able to shower and get to church after my run, I need to get started around 5:00 AM! I may be a night owl, but I still need sleep. This battle is going to continue to rage on well beyond tonight, but there may end up being a bit of a compromise. I probably won’t stay up as late as I’d like, and I won’t get to bed as early as I should.

I had…

Lihat pos aslinya 311 kata lagi


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