Gelb vs. Zahn

Mask of the Flower Prince

Peter Gelb, General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera, sat down for an interview with Paula Zahn to discuss his thoughts on the looming labor dispute between the Met’s management and the union workers.

Based on his media appearances to date, I think it is fair to say that Mr. Gelb is not helping his cause.

The interview is full of astonishing, jaw-dropping statements that demand responses.

Allow me to provide them.

* * *

“The financial crisis that the Met is facing is the result of years of layers and layers of union contracts that have resulted in a cost structure that is no longer supportable.”

And right from the first statement, things go off the rails.

Mr. Gelb, this is a bizarre statement to make—it is so cartoonishly oversimplified, ham-fisted, and willfully untrue that makes it nearly impossible to take the rest of the interview seriously. So, the crisis…

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