Chrome Show: Get a 25% performance boost on Chrome for OS X


Using Chrome(s goog) on a Mac(s aapl) and need a little jolt? Consider trying either the Canary or Dev version of Chrome, which is now 64-bit compatible. Reports suggest a 25 percent performance boost as well as additional stability when compared to the Stable edition of Google’s browser. If you’re a Chromebook user — or thinking of becoming one — you might be interested in the latest Core i3(s intc) model from Acer: A recent review notes that it gives you performance that approaches the Pixel, but for hundreds of dollars less. And Acer may not be done innovating in the Chromebook market if recent promotional leaks are accurate. Stay tuned on that subject and tune in to this week’s Chrome Show podcast for more details.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

Another Core i3 Chromebook…

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