Google’s HTML5 Web Designer Gets Animation Tools, Deeper AdWords And DoubleClick Integrations


Last September, Google launched Web Designer, a free tool for Mac, Windows and Linux that makes it easy for anybody to build interactive HTML5 sites and ads. Since its launch, Web Designer got a couple of minor updates, but today’s release is the first major update in a long time and brings quite a few new features to the software.

The company says that ads built with Web Designer have now been seen over 2.5 billion times. The majority of users (72%) are outside of the U.S. and 20% are returning users.

Google always put the focus for Web Designer on producing interactive ads. And while the tool offers a number of ad-centric features, there is nothing that would stop you from using it to develop any other kind of content, as well. If you want to build ads with Web Designer, though, the new version now features a significantly deeper integration…

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