There is only one major news site that both pro-Israelis and pro-Palestinians read


One reason the views on the latest Israel-Hamas conflict are so polarized is that people on each side of the opinion divide get their news from different places. Few things illustrate this as well as the map above, compiled by Gilad Lotan, the chief data scientist at Betaworks, a New York startup incubator.

The map depicts Twitter accounts that tweeted about the Israeli shelling of a UN school in Beit Hanoun on July 24th. Palestinian sources said it killed some 15 people; Israel said it was a response to anti-tank fire from the school and that only one mortar landed in the schoolyard, which was empty at the time. Whatever the facts, it was one of several events that set off a firestorm of media coverage and tweets.

The Twitter accounts are arranged according to how many connections they share; the closer two accounts are, the more accounts they both follow. The bigger the circle, the…

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