The Hug, A Water Bottle Sensor And App, Helps You Stay Hydrated


Everyone knows they should be drinking more water to stay healthy and hydrated, but actually remembering to do so can be a challenge. In fact, 43% of Americans drink four cups or fewer per day, according a 2012 study from the Center for Disease Control. That’s where The Hug, now on Kickstarter, comes in. The Hug solution includes a sensor band that wraps around just about any water bottle to track your H2O consumption, and an accompanying mobile app that reminds you to drink when your hydration levels are low.

Dehydration decreases both mental and physical performance, The Hug’s creators point out, but many of us simply get wrapped up in our work and lives, then realize much later how little we drank throughout the day and how thirsty we’ve become.

So The Hug becomes a personal hydration coach of sorts, reminding you to drink through push…

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