The Dark Age Of Enterprise Software Is Ending


Editor’s note: K. V. Rao is the CEO of enterprise company Aviso.

Enterprise software has been a critical tool to help companies organize data and automate painfully manual processes. And unfortunately little else. To call enterprise software “dumb” might be slightly unfair, but as “smart” devices begin to proliferate, it’s time we all accept that today’s software that we use to run our businesses is painfully ill-equipped for the future.

Software Needs to Change

Think about it. We collect and manage vast stores of data for what purpose? Business intelligence didn’t make our companies more intelligent. ERP didn’t help us plan much of anything. And while CRM may have helped sales manage customer data, it didn’t help them hit their targets — and let us be honest, it really did not move the (revenue) needle!

In 2002, CRM’s weaknesses were exposed by Tom Siebel, one of its founding…

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