Is Facebook’s Slingshot already the new Poke?


Ephemeral messaging app Slingshot — Facebook’s (s FB) latest attempt to take on Snapchat — has been largely forgotten by the masses less than two months after launching. Its novel features that distinguish it from Snapchat, like mass contact messaging and faster picture sending, have not been enough to keep it at the top of the iOS app store.

Although Facebook is showing it can keep its users around its core experience and monetize them to the moon, it has struggled with predicting new markets, staying ahead of the social trend curve the way Apple did with music and tablets. It continues to be a few steps behind. Although that’s not a revenue problem today, it certainly could be in the future if new entrants steal eyeballs away from it.

So Slingshot isn’t just a casual messaging app. It’s Facebook’s most recent effort to invent, and its performance will be watched closely for…

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