Every company is becoming a data company


The argument that every company is a tech company—or that there is no such thing as a tech company—is an old one. But it seems increasingly clear that every company also needs to be a data company.

A new report from Tata Consultancy Services, a large IT-services company, looks at digital initiatives in some 800 large global companies. The survey found that “95% of companies are using digital technologies in some way to connect and track their customers, with social media and mobile apps as the most common methods.” By 2020, the companies will use myriad more methods to glean customer data.

Ways-to-collect-customer-data-ranked-by-use-in-large-companies-worldwide-2014-By-2020_chartbuilder no-caption

It isn’t just digital companies or those founded on the idea of data-gathering. The survey took in companies from 13 industries, including retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, energy, automotive, and utilities, each with at least $500 million parent-company revenues. The companies represent 10 large global economies across four regions. Here’s how companies from each region…

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