HBO is bringing its web-only model to new countries


Once again, HBO is offering clues that it’s inching closer to embracing an internet-only service. The king of premium cable plans to sell standalone, online-only packages in countries like Japan and Turkey.

According to the Wall Street Journal, HBO wants to expand the web model it already has in place in the Nordic countries to even more territories—specifically, ones that have solid broadband infrastructure, but don’t generate much revenue for HBO from licensing deals with cable companies. HBO has no current plans to offer such a package in the US, but the expansion of its web model globally, coupled with new stripped down cable packages (which include web access), signals that a standalone internet package in the US could be a question not of if, but of when.

You can get HBO in these countries

HBO has seen its US subscriber growth slow in recent years, as new competitors emerge and Americans increasingly cut the cord by eschewing…

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