Sunday Slideshow: a pull for the whole family

that cynking feeling

Last summer, we took Philip to a truck pull at a nearby village festival. It was an unsanctioned event. That may not mean much to you, and it didn’t mean anything to me at the time when we decided to go. In simplest terms, an unsanctioned pull is like a pick-up game in a park while a sanctioned event is like a major league game. Philip was bored. Hell, so were we.

Greenwich Firemen's Festival Not at all excited

After that experience, Peter starting go to the (sanctioned only) pulls by himself. Since we were trying to keep Philip on a sleep schedule, it didn’t make sense to drive seventy miles or more to an event that doesn’t end until after 10 pm and that Philip might not enjoy.

Last year, Peter and I made date nights of a couple of the Ohio State Tractor Pullers Association events. One of those pulls took place at the Crawford County Fair. It…

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