Hour-by-Hour Disneyland Survival Guide

The Perfect Dad


I’m going to write something I wish someone had told me before I first visited Disney with kids. It’s not for the fainthearted. If you think the happiest place on earth is a walk in the park you are fooled. It can be one of the best days but you’ve got to plan. You need to approach it more like backpacking or river rafting. Don’t go to Disney to relax. Go for adventure.

NOTE: This post is targeted at out of town parents going to Disney with at least one kid 5 and under, but tips here work for anyone. Modify according to your family’s needs and goals. Also, this is for Disneyland specifically but the same general rules work at California Adventure, Disenyworld, etc…

The Night Before Look at a map with your family. Map out your day. Let your kids pick the rides they are most excited about…

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